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Payroll Preparation

& Processing

Minimize stress and be confident with simple to use

software for payroll preparation & processing

Timely, Accurately

& Painless

When it comes to your people, paying on time and correctly is of utmost importance.  Uncomplicate the steps in preparing and processing payroll with Cloud9HR. 

User friendly payroll tools alleviate the headaches and stress associated with potential errors  by eliminating uncertainties in deductions, withholding, taxes and garnishments.

Payroll Processing & Reports  ----  2-way Accounting Integration  ----  Payroll Tax Setup

Compensation Updates  ----  Tax Profile Updates  ----  Direct Deposit Set-Up

Automatically push payroll data to your preferred accounting software and return it seamlessly to Cloud9 for easy to navigate reports. 

Pay your employees on time, accurately every time.

Minimize mistakes, manual data-entry,

errors and delays

Implement compensation changes

quickly and accurately

2-way Quickbooks integration, Custom reports, analytics and Data views

Collaboration Controls Allow for simple migration of accounting data


Getting started is easy


Lets discuss your business and the challenges you are needing to overcome


A Meeting


We will present you a custom  plan to help achieve and overcome your workplace challenges

Receive a




Your dedicated team will lead you through the transition and processing your first payroll

You're up

and running

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