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Health Benefits 

& Retirement Plans

Cloud9HR lets admins and employees track/view benefit plans, retirement and deductions in one central location.  Perform open enrollments, track life events and eligibility so no one falls through the cracks.  Keeping track of premiums and contributions is simple and easy.

Health Benefits Adminstration

Quick settings for new hire waiting periods, enrollment period duration and benefit groups.

Centralized storage of all relevant benefit documentation(forms, flyers, claims info, etc.)

Employee Eligibility Settings

ACA, Measurement periods, Administration period and stability period settings. 

Easily send new hire/open enrollment invites to eligible employees directly from Cloud9HR.

Applicable Large Employer

Cloud9HR's ALE status calculator automatically

generates your company Full Time Equivalent status.  Just input start and end dates for review periods and instantly find out if your status is in compliance

Employee Benefits Access

Effectively communicate benefit plans, deductions and network info to employees

through Cloud9hr's employee profile portal.        Employees self-manage life events and dependents.


Benefit Access Portal

Collaboration control settings allow benefits administrators access to facilitate their role 

more effectively for a more efficient & successful health benefits experience

Retirement & 401K

Software Module Info Coming Soon!

Collecting Money
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